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Why Coaching Is So Important Now During a Pandemic

Why Coaching Is So Important Now During a Pandemic

What coaches do is vital and is more important now than ever before. Since the pandemic hit, most of us had to abide by social distancing guidelines that left many people feeling isolated and alone. People are in fear, they are lacking resources, connection, community, and friendships. According to a new poll released by Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC), even before the holiday restrictions were established in some Canadian provinces, self-reported feelings of depression and anxiety were found to be at an all-time high; with 22% of surveyed Canadians reported being diagnosed with depression and another 20% diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Poll respondents have also indicated that social isolation and working from home has negatively impacted their mental health.

The long-drawn-out personal, professional, and financial stressors we’re experiencing as we adapt to the new normal brought about by the pandemic is unprecedented. People are feeling more and more disconnected than ever before, their identity which was tied to their job, finances, and family no longer applies. People are having to create a new identity for themselves but don’t have the right tools to shift into that identity and this is why they need to be able to sit down with a coach, virtually or in person, and really dig deep into what’s actually causing that and how they can essentially shift that, so they have the necessary tools to deal with those stressors.

When we’re feeling stressed, it becomes difficult for us to show up as the best versions of ourselves. Coaching borrows from both consulting and therapy by tackling difficulties at work and home, asking the right questions, managing goal setting and focusing on behavioral changes. The difference is that coaches focus on the future, they foster individual performance in a professional and personal context, and help people connect to their purpose. Thus, coaching reduces stress as it clears up uncertainty and allows us to access more resilience, compassion, and kindness, which are needed more than ever nowadays.

A coach can also help us become more adaptable to change by helping us process what’s going on around us, make sense of our emotions, and move past our worries and fears. A coach is able to provide an objective perspective and support us in developing new habits that enable us to be more creative as we navigate changes. Luckily, technologies like Zoom and other platforms have also allowed us to navigate through these uncertain times, get access to much needed services and remain emotionally connected while we socially distance.

Coach Sonia Zarbatany, a business and life coach based in Montreal, says “What’s different now from how I usually coach is I work on a much smaller time frame game plan, so I work on the next 30 days. Because how can we even plan the next year with all the uncertainty? We don’t even know if your business is going to be open or not, is your relationship working or not? Are your kids at school or not? And so, we work on the next 30 days and we will get people into action.”

In these unpredictable times, so many people need guidance, and living a life of passion, fulfillment and positivity starts with learning how to get our mind to work for us instead of against us. Coach Sonia says that “It’s all about mindset. Creating the game plan is the easiest thing to do, but first you got to get into your mindset. You have to be able to truly get clear on your limiting beliefs, on what’s actually stopping you.” With a coach you’ll be able to really shift through your limiting beliefs into a belief of opportunity and into a belief of what’s actually possible.

Finally, it is vital to stay grounded in our purpose and lean into our values, especially during a crisis. Coaching helps us do just that by allowing us to connect to our purpose and stay true to ourselves as we make critical life decisions and re-evaluate what’s most important to us.

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