Top 5 Montreal Based Nutritionists & Food Consultants to Follow on Instagram

Updated: Aug 21

It can be difficult keeping up a healthy eating lifestyle, especially with the overwhelming amount of diets, food programs, and not to mention the easily accessible processed and fast foods that we've become so accustomed to. Creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with food doesn't have to be difficult and dreadful. By incorporating small changes to your daily routines and eating patterns, you can create healthy eating habits that will last. For that reason, we have compiled for you the top 5 nutritionists and food consultants you should follow on instagram that will help you stay motivated, inspired, and informed on all things nutrition, health, and wellbeing. The best part? They are all based in Montreal! 


Meet Julie Doan (@juliedoanhealth), a pharmacist, health coach, and certified holistic nutritionist. Julie's focus is on helping her clients with stress eating, weight loss, acne, PCOS, and lifestyle associated illnesses like type 2 diabetes to regain their health naturally. Follow Julie to stay informed on how you can shift your relationship with food and create healthy eating habits that last. You can also visit her website to read more about her and check out her recipe e-book. If you're up for a challenge; sign up for her 5-day sugar-free challenge that will help you beat your sugar cravings (It's free and comes with an easy-to-follow 5 day meal plan!).


Meet Kerrie Ahern (@Kerrie_ahern), a former artists with a passion for food, styling, and marketing. Kerrie is a food consultant with over 6 years of experience and has recently worked with Mandy's Gourmet Salads (@Mandysalads) to publish their first cookbook. Follow Kerrie for healthy, great looking food and stunning photography that will keep you inspired and motivated to create awesome dishes.


Meet Racha Najmeh (@thenewtritionist), a professional dietitian and online food consultant

with over 8 years of experience. She specializes in weight loss, sports nutrition, and post-bariatric surgery nutrition. Racha is also a collaborator and nutrition contributor at SmoothiesGo. Follow Racha for fun, easy, and delicious recipes that will inspire you and help you stay motivated and informed. Don't forget to check out her awesome stories and highlights that include step-by-step instructions to create your own healthy dishes at home.


Meet Kelly Ohana (@kellyinthekitch), a certified holistic health and nutrition coach that focuses on providing healthy, clean, and delicious recipes that will motivate you to lead a healthy lifestyle with whole health and wellness at its core. Kelly provides meal plans and food prep services and advocates raising awareness about eating disorders and mental illnesses. Check out Kelly's blog to find her recipes, get advice, and read more about her personal journey. Follow Kelly for meal prep inspiration and to add colourful food bowls to your instagram feed.


Meet Joudi Mokhtar (@healthy.bites.mtl), a holistic consultant and health coach with 12 years of experience and a passion for Chinese medicine, Herbology, Reflexology, and more. Joudi caters to different diet trends and believes in combining food and supplements to naturally improve health and wellbeing. She is also working on launching a healthy meal prep business and her very own cookbook! To read more about Joudi, check out this blog post by My Health Montreal, a growing network of health practitioners. Follow Joudi for healthy, delicious meals and to keep yourself informed about anything pertaining to health, natural supplements, and cosmetics.

Other Accounts to Follow

We have listed four more accounts that are worth mentioning if you're looking for more Montreal based nutritionists, dieticians, and food consultants to follow:

  1. Jamie Lee ( - A dietitian and nutrition advice columnist. Check out her site here where you can ask your nutrition questions and get advice.

  2. Sofia Abdelkafi (@Sofiamanutritionniste) - An expert nutritionist and health coach who believes in combining the pleasure of eating and health without being restricted to a diet. Check out her website here.

  3. Stefania Vitale (@stefyv_the_rd, @motivenutrition.mtl) - Studying to become registered dietitian at Udem, Stefania provides recipes and food facts that will keep you informed. She is also the coordinator of @motivenutrition.mtl; you can find the Motive Nutrition website here.

  4. Rita Samuel (@nutritionista.rita) - A Mcgill alumni and nutritionist who's focused on improving your health and relationship with food by providing nutrition facts and advice as well as recipes that look delicious.

Start following these people for quick nutrition tips, cooking hacks, meal ideas, food prep, consulting, mouthwatering food photos and delicious, easy recipes that you'll actually want to make!