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The Role of a Business and Life Coach

A commonly asked question regarding life and business coaching is, “what exactly coaches do?” or “how will a coaching session benefit me?”

So, to respond to these questions as well as to inform everyone else who might be curious, within this blog, I’m going to be breaking down exactly what my role as a life and business coach is and how it benefits so many people worldwide. The role of a life coach is strictly dependant on the clients’ goals or aspirations. Are you ready to take your personal and financial life to the next level? Are you prepared to shift your mindset 180 degrees and conquer any limiting belief, possibly separating you from your desired life? If any of those questions minutely describe your situation, then welcome!!!

I’m coach Sonia! And my role as a life coach is to give you professional guidance and advice, as well as a fresh, unbiased perspective on ANYTHING relating to business, relationships, or overall life-related.

I help you in any way possible, and trust me, from my decades of coaching people from all aspects of life, I can assure you that any shape, form, or part of success all starts from the mind. Within this blog, you’ll learn every facet related to my role in your success, the journey of a new client, AND some extra info on how my systems of analysis work and why it is so effective. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Everyone, regardless of net worth, life experience, or physical shape, needs some form of advice, reassurance, or outside perspective at some point in their journey.

That’s where I come in! During a session with me personally, I break down every single aspect of your life thus far. We dig DEEP into your mindset, memories, strategies, and everyday routine to fully understand your whole situation thus far and see what precisely is holding you back from your goals or where you’ve possibly gone wrong along the way.

Routines and habits could likely make or break one’s success

so let’s tame all of those barriers! Let’s strip any limiting belief, personal bias, or mental wall that could attribute to holding you back and could be separating you from YOUR much-deserved happiness or dream shape, either mentally or physically. Coaching allows everything to be laid out in front of you; any question regarding what’s next or what should be done to get you to where you need to be is strategically planned out based on your strengths, weaknesses, schedule, and current state of mind.

Together, we will create a specific plan of action, which will give you a comprehensive understanding of the exact steps necessary to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. From my experience as a coach, I’ve happened to notice a recurring theme within some of my clients’, which is how people tend to continuously repeat specific actions, given perhaps slightly different from the original but expect different outcomes, of either scaling a business, seeking a healthy relationship or even for weight loss, which comes into play when they try to lose all of the weight as fast as possible but end up either gaining all the weight back or burning themselves out in a short period. This is precisely why a Coach is so valuable! The fact of the matter is that people like what they’re used to in life, which creates challenging barriers to navigate when they end up trying to accomplish what they want.

On the other hand, many clients of mine were in this predicament. As we worked very intensively, they manifested mind-boggling changes and improvements that I, today, am still shocked by, and yet they all shared one common trait. They had all concluded that the magnitude expert guidance and a well-structured plan of action would aid to their avail. Professional incite, “a fresh pair of eyes” if you will, also plays a significant role in one's ability to adapt to new trends, situations or periods, or reach into new waters. Perhaps unfamiliar territories could ultimately lead to a stature of success or satisfaction that they might not have experienced in the past. These clients eventually were able to be given the proper tools. They were given the insight to fix what needed fixing and the internal analysis necessary for conquering a new, prosperous chapter of their lives. They were even able to find things out about themselves they might never have realized holding them back.

Diminishing the anxiety of the unknown plays is a significant part of my job as a coach. The stress someone experiences when feeling stuck as if they have no idea what to shift to accomplish what they want can be extremely crushing. People might have no clue as to what their passion is and think they’ll potentially never find it, That is devastating and is practically one of my biggest reasons for being a coach. My role is to guide you through every step of the way to being your best self, my goal is to elevate every single aspect of your life to such a level where you do not even remember the last time you dreaded the alarm clock. Life coaches are a guide, a source of inspiration and motivation, but above all, they come with wisdom and expertise, never sugar coating because what gets reciprocated to you is strictly for one purpose; Making you the best version of yourself the world has ever seen. Every day, people have their mindsets completely shifted and changed, filled with nothing but determination and productivity, but a marathon has never been completed without the first step being taken. So, what's your role? Will you take the first step?


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