8 Tips to Increase Your Productivity at Le Tribe

Updated: Mar 30

While LE TRIBE may promote happiness and help you create professional networks, it may also feel less productive if you do not know how to make the spaces work for your benefit.

If you are going to work from Le Tribe, you need to realize the ways to reap the most from the space. While coming here may help you feel social and improve your skills, there are ways you may gain even more LE TRIBE and attain better results.

So here are 8 tips that might help you make the best of your time at LE TRIBE


Keep yourself accountable

It is easy to allow the distractions of a social environment like a coworking space to keep you from achieving your goals for the day. Self-discipline is key here.

Write down the tasks for the day, tick them off as you complete them (there is nothing more satisfying) and do not let yourself go home without completing them all (unless it’s past midnight, then you abort mission faster than dropping a stink bomb in an elevator). Being strict in this department will lay a good foundation for a healthy and productive habit.


Make the work meaningful

When you do something that contributes to the end product, it’s easier to do the work. Furthermore, knowing why the work you are doing is important, makes it less laborious to do. This results in faster and better quality end-result. You will always have certain things to do that are less fun (like administration), but understanding the purpose behind it, makes it easier to do.


Take Regular Breaks

Although you may enhance the performance of your brain, it is an organ that has limits. One scientific study found that the optimal limit is fifty-two minutes of challenging, constructive, and effective work. After that period, a person should take a seventeen-minute break before beginning another work session.


Engage the Right Way

It is typical for people in a coworking space to engage with each other, but you need to limit your talks and discussions to conversations that enhance your skills or boost your productivity. Some people will simply engage with others to pass time, procrastinate, or just chat. This may do more harm than you think. If you are going to engage with other people at LE TRIBE, make the engagement productive and beneficial to you and the team.


Utilize Technology

There are many websites and apps designed to make life easier and allow you to save time in coworking spaces. You may use an app that syncs your events or emails to your calendars in your computers and portable devices. Or, you may find it handy to use an app that generates to-do lists for the day, week, month, and year. Use LE TRIBE APP, if you don't have it ask us in the chat area and we will send you the link!

Other technology may enhance your professional life. The technology may be a website that lets you store and retrieve your data and documents online in the cloud or a program that checks grammar. When you use these possibilities in your workspace to manage information and automate routine tasks, you may save time and enhance productivity.



It’s important to realize your limitations when you work for yourself. Helping each other is an integral part of LE TRIBE culture. If you’re a software developer, you’re not necessarily a designer, product manager, or marketer as well. When you work at LE TRIBE, people with those skills probably work right next to you and are just as interested in building something awesome as you are.

Invest in your community by taking a genuine interest in what they do. Ask questions. This provides both parties with an opportunity to learn one's strengths and collaborate! Best coworking spaces have the ability where you can look across the room and ask someone for help with exactly what you need! In a true community coworking space, generosity and an underlying spirit of helpfulness are the heart of everything.


Set a Routine - Schedule Your Week

The most important thing about being productive is that it can only be accomplished by setting a routine and being disciplined. If you know coach Sonia, you know that she always says schedule your week on Sunday. Prepare a routine and be ardent about following it. Set timers for how long you’re going to work, and have intense focus and maintain breaks to keep your workday on track - take a walk or having a conversation. Be consistent and make a plan with a coworker friend to meet over a coffee every day at a certain time.

Use personal time management apps; they can play a crucial role in increasing productivity and keeps you on top of your time.


Invest In Decent Headphones

It can be hard to concentrate on your work when there are a bunch of interesting conversations happening around. Noise is the main complaint in open-plan offices. Whether it’s digital sounds like ringing phones or computer notifications, or it’s human sounds coughing or sneezing, the ambient sounds of coworking spaces can be distracting. It is easy to get pulled into random conversations with people sitting around you. Sometimes this can be extremely distracting and unproductive. Headphones are the universal coworking sign that you don't want to be disturbed. Headphones are a topmost recommendation for staying productive. If you can, invest in noise-canceling headphones.


Experiment with Different Spots Within The Space

One of the best parts of working in LE TRIBE is your ability to choose your work environment. At LE TRIBE you can work from your chosen space, either the Air desk or the Premium desk. You can also have your small meetings and work from Cameo Lounge or Mobilia VIP lounge. Find your spot or ask Magda to help you find the right resources. you may book a coaching pod or the conference room. LE TRIBE manager Magda will make sure that you feel most comfortable.

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