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Coach Sonia Zarbatany

Sonia Zarbatany

Sonia Zarbatany

Born and raised for impact. values of leadership, positivity, discipline, and determination, instilled into her mindset at an incredibly early age, Sonia was bred for this journey. Originally from Casablanca, Morocco, Sonia moved to Montreal at the age of 3 years old, and from that point on, the development of a fierce, yet empowering entrepreneur began to take its course.

Practically living inside the office of her father, Mitch Zarbatany, who at the time, was a pioneer within the fashion distribution industry in Canada, taking guess jeans, Vince Camuto, and several other major fashion lines to the next level in North America. In essence, a prodigy was on the verge of being catapulted to the top of the fashion industry. Sonia, from the start, seemed to have an amazing ability to solve complex sales issues, creating incredible new approaches in order to acquire new business, which left executives in the industry shocked. These mesmerizing skills had come to fruition due to the years and years of being surrounded by industry leaders, being proactive and completing any work regarding Zarby inc that she was allowed to complete, and a phenomenal work ethic.

A work ethic that consisted of putting in the hours, that most teenagers just simply weren’t, and aren’t willing to do. All while continuously excelling in school, Sonia’s actions were a rare sight for any parent, but for the Zarbatanys, this was the norm. While being an incredibly hard worker with an iron-clad drive for greatness, Sonia was still always the most energetic and charismatic person in the room since the very beginning. prioritizing the happiness of her and everyone around her, as well as making sure to enjoy life on the ride. Coach Sonia, as a teen, was involved in practically every single sport there was to offer in Esterel, a region in the high north of Quebec.

Sonia Zarbatany

Sonia was on the verge of becoming an Olympian in horseback riding, competed at a very high level in snowboarding, played AAA basketball, and was a phenomenon in water skiing. Her love for the outdoors, fitness, and hip hop, started here and has continued to thrive today. Once receiving her degree in business from, JMSB and western university, Sonia set out for LA at the ripe age of 23, her urge to constantly be challenging herself, and they want to exit her comfort zone, allowed her to make the decision to move, while it was frowned upon by most people in her life, since working at Zarby, and staying in her element was the clear decision for most, but once again, Sonia isn’t most people, and instead, wanted to put all her skills to use, thrive in a new environment, and prove to herself that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. choosing to embark on something new, coach Sonia received her coaching certification, and in the matter of a few short years, became one of the largest business and life coaches in Los Angeles, selling out auditoriums for her speeches, and getting the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names in the business.


The move back to Montreal was inevitable for Sonia, but cultural experiences from across the world, and an in-depth understanding of psychological tendencies when conducting business were inevitable from these experiences as well, “the things I learned from the world are things that cannot be taught,” which resulted in a Sonia who was wiser than ever. Following her move back to Montreal, Sonia took over the position of acting VP for Zarby inc and continued to grow the corporation exponentially, before leaving once again, to focus on her passions, one was at the time still relatively new, but her intuition allowed her to see the bigger picture, and the other was more or less a blast from the past, those two passions were social media and the continuation of her coaching business, (respectively)  “You can never get too comfortable” is something that Sonia and the rest of us here at the tribe live by, we take motivation from her stories of accomplishment, in situations where all the odds seemed to be against her, but nevertheless, she always seemed to be able to turn the tables, in her favor. “Mistakes don’t exist, only lessons learned”

Coach Sonia


Mom, wife, mentor, businessperson, Are all categories within coach Sonia's life, But what is the one key trait, one key aspect, Sonia contains that is essential to have, in order for success in each and every category? One word, Leadership. A way with words that is so captivating, and a level of critical thinking that functions to such an extent, it becomes very difficult to catch her off guard, whether it's with a certain goal trying to be achieved, or a problem wanting to be solved. This allows for incredibly efficient sessions, whenever receiving coaching from Sonia.


Every single facet, of advice being given to clients by her, is thought out and catered specifically towards anyone she encounters.  A constant spur of new ideas, solutions, and step-by-step game plans are provided, always leading to a complete understanding of exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve what is necessary. The leadership aspect, present within Coach Sonia never seems to disappear, regardless of which category she happens to be taking part in. Always motivating her children to be active, instilling them to treat others in a kind manner, and always makes it a priority to see her daughter do her homework every night. greatness requires Being a role model in every aspect of life, seeing problems and presenting solutions, regardless if it's not what you, or, others want to hear, and constantly trying to improve oneself. Greatness is not always in the eyes of the beholder, but the impact one has made, in the strive for good and the actions being taken when perusing the best version of themselves.

Coach Sonia Tribe


The passion and fulfillment that derives from helping improve another person’s quality of life are indescribable. Resonating with stories of people who originate from all different walks of life, puts fuel to the fire for Sonia, using her personal experiences, life lessons, and vast knowledge when it comes to mindset development, and everything else within her arsenal, that allowed her to be successful in so many different aspects of life, all at your disposal, in order to help someone in any way shape or form. every single partaking member of our community continuously builds relationships not just with Sonia, but with each other.


The group coaching, public speeches, and retreats have proven time and time again how effective they truly are. countless testimonials, inspiring success stories, and a vast list of people's life improvements have risen to the surface since these community-building, relationship-developing events have partaken. They’ve given people a voice who lack thereof and supplied countless people who have previously been deprived of connection, an outlet of people to connect with.

living in This day and age, it is a known fact that people's comfort in social situations and the development of meaningful connections have decreased gravely, and it is up to us as a community, to come together and impact as many lives as we can during our lifetime. A Movement of world unity, and empowering one another, encouraging us all to come together for the greater good is very possible, but even the largest tree started as a small seed. 1 positive action, improvement, or good deed, anyone does for the betterment of society can cause a snowball effect.

Sonia’s ambition to improve as many lives as she can is her chance to leave a mark of positivity on this world, Along with influencing her community in spreading the same message of unity. if Sonia is able to help even a fraction of people with certain issues within their lives, find a solution or develop improvements, then she has accomplished what she’s set out to do. This is coaching with an end goal, this is a mission to provide our tribe with lifelong value, and furthermore, this is helping turn dreams into reality. be a part of a seed that turned into a great oak, join an opportunity to alter lives for the greater good, impact awaits you.

Le Tribe Coworking space in montreal
Le Tribe Media logo | Montreal production house

Le Tribe Media

The power of social media has given every one of us, the ability to capture moments in our lives, and in history, that 30 years ago wouldn’t be possible. Our grandchildren will have the ability to view us, the world around us, hear our voices, and see our friends. They will see in vivid detail, history as it unfolds from their ancestor’s point of view. Le tribe media is a group led by Coach Sonia, a world-renowned life and business coach, who’s crafted plans regarding life improvement, specifically catered towards every single individual who had the chance of working with her. In order to craft a specific plan for someone, you must listen to their story, listen to their goals, ambitions, and aspirations, and from there you help lead them to where they want to be, specifically from what their starting point is. Sonia’s Retreats and events were monumental in so many people's lives. Changes in mindset, life planning, and philosophy just to name a few, were concurrent throughout everyone involved in the events, so many lives were altered right there, just from a short segment of time, and It was without a doubt a must for Sonia to be able to display, and archive beautifully,  these life-altering segments and how they developed. Hence, le tribe media. Le tribe media is a team of storytellers and visionaries devoted to capturing and displaying the story and evolution of us, our community, and anyone else who chooses to join us. a team of storytelling specialists, all from different backgrounds, were led to the same place by their paths. And the result is nothing less than beautiful. a family arose between Sonia, the team, and everyone who came along for the ride. constant laughing and joy in the air. The team's own stories being depicted through their content, some of the best moments of their lives, shown through their art. What an incredible way to tell a story.

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